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Who We Are

We are a Personal & Organizational development company, helping individuals and organisations achieve their goals.

The Birth of VVA

The Birth of VVA

VVA is a KL-based globally-supported learning firm set-up in 2014 with a mission to help individuals, teams and organizations to JUST BE (verb:/maximize their potential so they can live the best version of themselves, as they choose). 

To JUST BE, the path is different from one person to another, from one team to another, from one organization to another.

To JUST BE, we need wisdom, strength and courage. 

Being a non-believer of one-for-all solutions, VVA’s founder Annie Yahaya leveraged on her network of local, regional and international L&D experts and bring them together to create a pool of multiple subject-matter experts as Content Partners at VVA.

Differentiated through its multi-modality, creative and collaborative delivery model, VVA creates tailor-made learning interventions and curriculums that are facilitated by its content experts, seeking to fulfill its clients goals and aspirations in the most effective and impactful ways, and achieved within the shortest time possible.

It is also VVA’s mission to continuously research for the latest and most effective ways where behavioral change can be impacted.

Ways to Experience Us

  • Design & Development of Learning Programs & Curriculum
  • Design, Development & Delivery of Custom-made programs for in-house teams (ideal to address specific needs)
  • Public programs on skills development
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
Ways to experience us

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